Peetz, Colorado


Pistol -- 2012

“I bought Pistol in May 2012, and in the short time I’ve owned him, I can say that he warmed right up to my family. First and foremost, as a family dog he is outstanding, amazing around my 10-month-old son, and a well-behaved gentleman in the house. One of my favorite things about Pistol in the house – and anywhere for that matter – is that I have yet to hear him bark. In my opinion, he is one of the most well-behaved dogs I have ever seen. Now in the field he has a completely different attitude, and that’s definitely a good thing. Whether it be training or hunting, his overall demeanor shifts into overdrive and he is all business. As he’s not even two years old yet and this is his first real season of hunting, I could not be more impressed. We started out with dove season in early September, and Pistol and I sat under a tree by a small creek cover with cattails. He was marking doves out to 40 yards in thick cover and making flawless retrieves. The marking capabilities of this dog are unbelievable. We also did a couple early teal hunts and he did just as well. I’ve also had the privilege of running him in a couple of HRC hunt tests and Pistol earned his started title with ease and I had multiple compliments on him. I owe all of that to Marijayne. Pistol is going to make an exceptional waterfowl dog, but I think he will excel the most is in upland hunting. I ran him in a pheasant contest in October 2012 and he went above and beyond my expectations. He quarters very well, has a phenomenal nose and uses the wind to his advantage when he gets the chance. One highlight of the contest was he jumped a hen, and I fired three shots (and unfortunately missed all of them). Pistol had that hen in his sights and ran her down to catch her in midair! BIRD BAGGED! Pistol’s drive and determination are second to none in my opinion, he doesn’t get discouraged or give up and he continues to look. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for a dog.”

 -- Jared Weber
Colorado Springs, CO

Jo Jo -- 2011

"Hi Marijayne, Just thought I'd send you some more pics that I took while visiting my parents in Tennessee last week...  Jo Jo is really growing fast... These were taken at 11 weeks old.  She loves my little Sheltie, Chloe (Chloe barely weighs 10 pounds).  She used to be able to walk under her, but now she is getting close to weighing twice as much! I took her to a short "puppy school" while I was in TN...they were very impressed with her at 10 weeks.  Said she has lots of drive and stamina, and that she was very mature for her age....  We LOVE her!!!   Hope you enjoy the pics."  


Bailey -- 2010

"Ryan and I bought Bailey from you when she was about 14 weeks old. We've been working with her every day since and she’s doing great! She loves water, especially if there’s a dummy waaaaay out there for her to go and get. We took her out to do some pigeon control to prepare her for dove season and she did amazing. We were in a coral and she had to squeeze through the fence each time, but once she got that down she was out there searching ‘em out! She has her left and right down for the most part, but gets a little confused with the back; however, if you wait, she catches on. Today was her third dove hunting trip and she went out to get each one. At one point she completely ignored our stays and we couldn’t figure out why she was being so persistent. The bird we had shot at had dove behind a tree and we had missed him. APPARENTLY NOT! Not even a minute later she came barreling out of the trees with the bird we thought was diving, which had actually been falling! It was great. She sits in the back yard and watches the birds fly and protests with little whines when she can’t go chase them. She’s not perfect yet, but nobody we know has met a dog with more determination. Thank you so much for the addition to our family!”

-- Emily and Ryan

Limit -- 2009

“Just a quick note to tell you what a fine job you’ve done with Limit, not only with her breed but her training as well! I purchased Limit in late February of 2008, and have not been disappointed one bit. I’m impressed how far you have taken her from the level she started to where she is at today. Immediately when I returned home from our training days, I had Limit in both my marsh boat and her dog blind practicing and training in such anticipation of the upcoming season. When hunting, especially out of a layout boat, you need a dog that’s steady, patient and obedient and who knows her place. Limit is the whole package and her drive is amazing. She keeps going no matter what obstacle is thrown her away. 

Of course, the real reason I wanted a lab was for hunting, which she and I are always ready for! She’s also been a great companion not only for me but for my family as well. My little niece loves playing with her and Limit will let her climb all over her, giving a few kisses along the way. I've received a ton of compliments from people who have had the opportunity to hunt with Limit. She’s a born hunter and has desire that is unsurpassed by any dog that I have hunted with. Her stamina is amazing for a lab as she’ll go all day, and the best part is that she’s superbly trained thanks to you!”

-- Kevin Berggren
   Sidney, NE

Brandi -- 2008

"That Brandi is just a gem, an absolute delight, and what a wonderful job you did training her! She fetches like a pro, and 'leave it' and 'stay' have proven invaluable. And what a voracious reader. She just 'eats up' newspapers. Maggie, our other dog, is still adapting, but progress is being made. Hope you enjoy the photos!"

 -- The May Family

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