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With over 30 years of combined experience of dog handling and raising and professional training, Plateau Labradors provides the best gun dog training for your working retriever. Whether you want your dog to work in hunting situations or compete in hunting competitions or both, we are here to train your companion for your hunting needs.

Hunting Retriever Training Services:
  • Puppy Head Start
  • Basic Gun Dog Training Program
  • Advanced Gun Dog Training Program
  • Continuance of Advanced/Hunt Test Competition
  • Obedience Training Program (non-hunting dogs)

Retriever Puppy Head Start Program
(NOT Required for Basic Retriever Training)

We have recently added a puppy head start program.  Building up a puppy's retrieving desire is as important as training.  It's up to the trainer to ask your dog to be obedient and drop the bumper/bird, however it's up to your dog to want to continuously go after the birds in the hunting field. Our Retriever Puppy Head Start Program is available to dogs four months our older.  Your puppy will be exposed to the following: birds, bumpers, ducks, different types of swimming terrain, decoys, different types of land terrain, and training pistol sounds. Your puppy will also be exposed to an introduction to obedience.  All retriever puppy work is based on praise and fun.

Basic Gun Dog Training

Includes on and off lead obedience, mouth work, steadiness, and marking singles and doubles up to 100 yards.  Why do we emphasize on marking for young dogs? The marking training teaches a dog not just to use their nose, but to box off areas to hunt productively for retrieves. The marking training also teaches your dog to push over and through different terrains and hunting scenarios to find a retrieve.  Your retriever will be ready to hunt and/or compete in AKC Junior or UKC Started-Level Hunt Tests.

Advanced Gun Dog Training

Includes handling or casting for your dog to run land and water blinds. In the Advanced Gun Dog Training Program, your dog learns more than just taking hand casts. They learn the concepts of running a blind. Your dog will also learn more advanced marking concepts.  Your working retriever will be able to run a blind in the duck blind or compete in AKC Senior or UKC Seasoned-Level Hunt Tests.

Continuance of Advanced/Hunt Test Competition

The majority of dogs we train never see trials, however if you are interested in competing your dog and your dog is capable, this is an option for you.  For competition dogs, we will run them in Junior/Started while they are going through our Advanced Gun Dog Training.  After they have learned to handle, then we start competing them in Senior/Seasoned hunt tests.  During hunt tests season, they will be learning advanced hunt test training while competing.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


For the non-working dogs, we provide obedience training.  Includes on and off lead obedience.  Commands learned are Here, Sit, Down, and Stay.

We provide a free evaluation on dogs prior to entering in any program. So if you are unsure if your dog will be the kind of hunting dog you want, give us a call.


Already have a puppy?

From the time you bring your puppy home, there is a lot you can be doing to help bring out your puppy's retrieving sytle and desire.  Bringing out their desire is just as important as formal training.

We have a couple of options for you:

  • Puppy Head Start Program (see above)
  • Need ideas on how to build up your puppy's desire and style? I have written an article called "Raising a Working Retriever". Just contact me and I will be happy to send you a copy.

Searching for a working retrievery puppy?

We are here to help you find your next working retriever puppy! Contact us for more details!


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