Peetz, Colorado

Meet Marijayne

Growing up, Marijayne’s family frequently hunted the woods of upstate New York using family-trained gun dogs. Always a dog and animal lover, Marijayne realized her dream of owning a kennel by the time she was 13, thanks to an old family friend, Beezor Thomas. He took the time to show Marijayne what it was to be a true dog trainer through patience, wisdom, compassion and love for animals. It was this upbringing that helped her realized her true calling. 

Marijayne has been residing in northeastern Colorado with her husband Randy for the last 30 years, and together they now have three grown sons: Darrick, Justin and Sean. The boys make it home to enjoy the dogs and hunt as often as they can, and maybe see mom and dad a little bit, too. Little did she know all those years ago how perfect this area would end up being for raising three busy boys – and training bird dogs, too. 

Plateau Labradors came to life in 1995 with the goal of combining proper training and handling techniques, the right bloodlines and lots of love, care and compassion to create a versatile line of Labs. With chocolate, yellow and black Labs, the dogs that come out of Plateau Labradors are not only a betterment to the Labrador breed, but reliable companions to their owners. Plateau Labradors also boasts credit to its namesake – the plateaus of northeastern Colorado that are rolling waves of earth smoothing out from the Colorado Rockies to the west. 

The dogs are born on Marijayne and Randy’s ranch on the Peetz plateau, grow up playing as puppies there and eventually train and eat from this land, too. Rising above the high plains of eastern Colorado, the Peetz Plateau has some of the greatest fowl-hunting grounds in the entire area. Nestled in between the North and South Platte Rivers, Marijayne and her dogs are just minutes away from excellent duck and goose ground and premium upland sites. Combine that with over 300 days of sunshine a year and a four-season climate, and these dogs are in the unique position to train to excel in nearly any climate or situation they may face. 

Now that the boys are grown, Marijayne now spends most of her days training and sharing her time with the wonderfully intelligent creatures God has given her. Stop by any time to see the dogs, meet the family, have a cup of coffee and witness the time-honored and respected tradition of dog training that is Plateau Labradors.

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